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Partnering with Quintus

In RTC News by Roger Thomas

I’m pleased to share some exciting news about my new investment in Quintus, a luxury furniture brand which prides itself on manufacturing quality and customer service.

Quintus is run by Jobst Blachy, an industry executive who acquired the Los Angeles company in late 2014. He will continue to run its operations as President. I’ve known Jobi for many years, and am delighted to be able to work more closely with him. I look forward to contributing design ‘conversation,’ opinion, point of view and direction. Quintus has an exciting opportunity to grow and create a new place for itself as routes to market evolve in the industry.

Jobst Blachy, President of Quintus

Jobst Blachy

“I am not a trained or accomplished designer,” Jobi told me, “so bringing on board someone of your talent and depth of historical understanding of the art and design worlds is a tremendous asset for us.”

Quintus offers me a chance to get more deeply and more directly involved in residential markets. I will continue to work with Wynn Resorts as Executive Vice President of Design for Wynn Design and Development. And through The Roger Thomas Collection, I remain committed to developing our wonderful range of products – including outdoor furniture, textiles, wallcoverings, hardware, carpets, accessories, even precious jewels – for this exceptional group of partner manufacturers.

Jobi was previously Chief Executive of Rose Tarlow Melrose House in Los Angeles, leading a strategic turnaround for the furnishings manufacturer. From 2005 to 2011, he led a business renewal for Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman, the North Carolina manufacturer and another partner of The Roger Thomas Collection.

His market experience informs his belief in the opportunity for new models of working with interior designers beyond the confines of a showroom floor. With Quintus he and I want to create a new benchmark for what a relationship between a manufacturer and an interior designer looks like. We’re investing in both direct sales relationships with customers and an improved online customer experience.

Quintus is launching a new furniture collection in May, focusing on well-crafted, luxurious pieces that fit comfortably in both contemporary and traditional residential environments. The company makes all its products in the U.S., giving us greater control over quality and finishes and serving our aim of being a better, more responsive partner to interior designers.

I look forward to sharing more news about our progress in the months ahead. Here is a story from Editor at Large about the investment.

Quintus furniture

Quintus seeks to unify materials, design and craftsmanship, and offer exceptional service to designers.