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Reflected influence

In Art and history, Designs by Roger Thomas

Mirrors are so ubiquitous in the Decorative Arts, I wonder if the invention of the reflective surface is not one of the great influences on civilization.

Fashion, portraiture, myths and the definition of the SELF are tied to the device.

The technology of Mirror making advanced under the patronage of Louis XIV from a maximum of 1/2 meter square to 1 meter x meters allowing for the Galerie des Glaces, the Hall of Mirrors.

Recent advancements in precision have put highly sophisticated examples in space to allow views into before unseen Galaxies.

Their use in Feng Shui can transform the alignment of the entire energy of a room.

I design them for Studio A and Munnworks, and I find them on shopping trips in the Capitals of the world: in Galleries like Patrick Fourtin in Paris, Art Fairs like the recent Architectural Digest evening Vernissage of Salon: Art + Design in New York’s Armory and in the basements of Christie’s and Sothebys when I inspect them pre bid.

Few categories have more diversity of design and material.