Making it all look easy at Quintus

In Designs by Roger Thomas

I have been attending interior design markets for decades enjoying the nearly magical presentations of new products and ideas and exquisitely conceived showrooms.

It’s not easy! My partner Jobi Blachy, daughter Drew, designer Elisa Carlucci and showroom director Todd Sullivan labored all day to dramatize new collections and textile offerings at Quintus at last month’s WestWeek show at the Pacific Design Center. As shown below, they artfully integrated accessories and new pieces, including some of my own first designs for Quintus. The new wall color was inspired by the backgrounds of Jacques Louis David‘s late portraits (post Reign of Terror) and was mixed for us by artist Charley Brown.

It all looks so easy the next day when the lights are set and everyone is at their most spiffed. IT IS HARD WORK!

I’m delighted by the progress of my partnership with Jobi and Quintus. As this recent story in the Los Angeles Times “Design LA” supplement noted (see p. 14), Jobi is integrating creative output from myself and others to create a new leader in “transitional” design, offering pieces that fit easily in settings ranging from traditional to modern.


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