Magic acknowledged: Thank you, AD

In RTC News by Roger Thomas

It is a great honor to be named to the 2017 Architectural Digest 100 list of the world’s top architects and designers – and particularly humbling to realize this is the sixth time I’ve been included. I was especially delighted to be joined on the list this year by so many architects. As i told the magazine, I’m an architecture junkie, and the work of great architects now and in ages past continually inspires me as I turn to the challenges of creating luxurious, memorable interiors.

The list, organized this year by various streams of influence and approach, is always a great testament to the energy and diversity of our field. It’s gratifying to see AD’s editors recognize the “magic” of The Roger Thomas Collection creations – and one more occasion to acknowledge I don’t do this alone. I continue to be wildly grateful for the energy and genius of all my collaborators, both at Wynn Design and Development and at design firms and manufacturers around the world.