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Improvising in gros point

In Designs by Roger Thomas

In my work as a designer, this is my idea of improvisational jazz.

I carry my sketchbook with me always, and in between countless chair and tassel and room ideas I do drawings just in the moment inspired by a silhouette, a piece of music, a passing thought. 

Then I transfer selected drawings onto gros point canvas as the structure of a composition. I then improvise and invent surface pattern, color and illusions, as I work in Persian wool that I order from a shop in London’s Bloomsbury neighborhood, near the British Museum.  

Each passage is a part of the unfolding of moments in time. I do these only while I’m in meetings. This is my tool for really listening.

While working on mega projects with millions of square feet, these small meditations, which reveal their totality in only months, not years, are a restful lesson in creation.

pillows-1200x800_0012_2016 RTC pillows-4 pillows-1200x800_0013_2016 RTC pillows-3

pillows-1200x800_0005_2016 RTC pillows-11pillows-1200x800_0003_2016 RTC pillows-13 pillows-1200x800_0004_2016 RTC pillows-12
pillows-1200x800_0007_2016 RTC pillows-9pillows-1200x800_0006_2016 RTC pillows-10
pillows-1200x800_0011_2016 RTC pillows-5

pillows-1200x800_0010_2016 RTC pillows-6pillows-1200x800_0009_2016 RTC pillows-7pillows-1200x800_0008_2016 RTC pillows-8

pillows-1200x800_0002_2016 RTC pillows-14pillows-1200x800_0001_2016 RTC pillows-15