Birthday in Venice: Delight No. 1

In Travels and events by Roger Thomas

Arthur has always known that I do not like birthday surprises. I told him on our first date that I consider surprise birthday parties grounds for a divorce.

Knowing this, Arthur concocted a “small series of delights” for my first birthday celebration in Venice.

It all started with a wonderful luncheon organized by dear Bay Area friends David and Patti Schwartz at Oliva Nera, one of our absolutely favorite Venice restaurants. Oliva Nera is never open for lunch but owner and friend Isabella Zambone made a much appreciated exception.

I arrived to be embraced by David, Patti and Isabella then turned to discover lifelong friends Mark Evans and Charley Brown from San Francisco hidden behind the open door.

This brought our Venetian birthday story full circle as I was also here when we celebrated Mark Evans’ 50th birthday with a week in Venice.

More delights ensued as course after course arrived, with Isabella’s signature dessert finale which she illustrates before your very eyes with a drawing!

And exceptional beginning in every way.





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