Architecture afloat in the Veneto

In Travels and events by Roger Thomas

Last year, Arthur and I joined Sandrina and Andrea Rubelli and their Thanksgiving guest, the designer Vicente Wolf, on a wonderful excursion into the Veneto for a private tour of Villa Rotonda and Villa Emo, two Palladian classics.
After a memorable lunch at Odene in Bassano del Grappa and a visit to the romantic bridge at the center of the old city,  we had a visit to the Nardini Grappa Distillery. There we admired distinguished architecture of a more recent vintage. At the distillery’s center are the amazing floating bubble buildings created by Italian Architects Massimiliano and Doniana Fuksas.

Floating above black reflecting pools, the bubbles recall those created in the making of Nardini’s renown Grappa liqueurs and digestifs.  The spaces of the structure were extremely the ethereal. The bubbles above the ground mark a great contrast to subterranean concrete chambers connected by a glass staircase.








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