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The Louvre’s reinstalled Sully wing

In Art and history by Roger Thomas

We went directly to the newly re-installed decorative arts galleries in the Sully Wing at the Louvre when we arrived in Paris.

 Jacques Garcia, who led the team to conceive the new installations is a master of grand design as well as one of the greatest experts on the 18th-century decorative arts so my anticipation of perfection was not misplaced.

While the collection is predictably sumptuous, the scholarship of the labels, certain placements and lighting could use fine tuning.

That said, many of the room settings are positively sumptuous, the colors imaginative and perfectly chosen to show the objects to best advantage.

The vignette surrounded by mirrored Boiserie contributed by Jacques Garcia and focused on Louis XVI Furnishings was one of the most memorable I’ve ever experienced, the tented ceiling sheer genius.

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