Malacca | Matelassé

Malacca is the name of a place in Southeast Asia which became synonymous with the fashionable silver-handled walking stick carried by men in the 18th century to replace their swords. The cane from which these sticks were made was valued for its lightness, strength and rarity, having traveled many thousands of miles by sea to become an essential part of a gentleman’s wardrobe. “Malacca is a large scale classic caning pattern historically used for lightweight seating platforms,” Roger says, “and my favorite design created from this material.”

Part of an opulent bedding collection designed for Fabric Innovations. The white-on-white matelassé technique adds dimensionality. One of seven available patterns: Houndstooth, XOXO, Malacca, Seeing Spots, Zigzag Baroque, Checquers and Garden Bands.

Matelassé collection: 100% Polyester

Available sizes: King, Queen, Full, Twin

Available products: Shams, coverlets, box-spring covers.

Download the catalog here.

Available via Fabric Innovations.