Galileo Mirror (Square)

Roger’s respect for the artistic and scientific achievements of the Renaissance combined with his understanding of traditional design and craft techniques results in a distinctive range of mirrors and related furnishings. Additional allure is found in small, luxurious details, as with the embedded Swarovski crystals in the frame panel and mirror surface of the Galileo mirror. Modern, sleek and dazzling, the mirror makes a statement in any interior. The embedded Swarovski crystals not only add glamour, but will leave everyone marveling at how the crystals are perfectly flush with the mirror surface.

50″ x 50″ | Profile 4 1/8″ x 3 1/4″
Finish: Platinum on sand panel with embedded Swarovski crystals.

Available via MunnWorks.

Contact them via email or find a sales representative via their website. | Call (914) 665-6100

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