Flute Passage (10″)

Aptly named for the fluted detailing that characterizes ancient Corinthian columns, Flute hardware captures Roger’s affinity for referencing classic architectural elements through a modern-day lens. Each piece is thoroughly simple in shape, commanding in scale and textured to the touch. Each fits comfortably in the hand and seamlessly into any style space.

3″ x 10″
Shown in passage function (E115/E115) with L10015 Flute lever, $1,214.
The Flute texture and levers are shown in silicon bronze, medium patina and the frame is shown in silicon bronze, dark lustre patina.

Made by Rocky Mountain Hardware, sold only through select showrooms.
To find one near you, email Rocky Mountain Hardware or call (888) 788-2013.

For detailed information, finish options, pricing and specifications, visit the product page on Rocky Mountain Hardware’s website.