“Bijoux is about the elegance of the contrary,” Roger Thomas explains. “Gilding on the rustic carvings of rocks and twigs in the 18th century height of Rocaille, lustrous silk and metal threads woven to look like rough bark or stony gravel in 16th century Brussels tapestries, gold luster applied to the roughest sand-textured stoneware on a contemporary ceramic cup by Adrienne Saxe. Gilded burlap; the combination of high and low, the most basic textile elevated to the sublime.”

Material: Vinyl
Width: 54″ (1.37m)

Type / Fire Rating: Type II / Class A
Vertical Repeat: N/A
Horizontal Repeat: N/A
Hang: Random Match, Reverse
Backing: Woven

Available via Koroseal in 12 colors. See them on Koroseal’s website. (Designers may request a sample after registering.)

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