“I have spent hours with the tapestries in great museum collections,” Roger Thomas explains, “investigating the particular weaving techniques used to render draped damask robes, fields of flowers, architectural elements, anything the artist designer can imagine. One of my favorite passages is the image of fishermen reflected in water as rendered by master weavers from Raphael’s cartoons for the Vatican tapestries. In a tiny area I found and drew these fine strands of dark and light fiber crisscrossed to create the illusion of shimmering light. How simple and elegant, I thought!”

Material: Vinyl
Width: 54″ (1.37m)

Type / Fire Rating: Type II / Class A
Vertical Repeat: N/A
Horizontal Repeat: N/A
Hang: Random Match, Reverse
Backing: Osnaburg

Available via Koroseal in 15 colors. See them on Koroseal’s website. (Designers may request a sample after registering.)

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